Radio Advertising

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Radio Advertising

Radio Advertising Is Cost-effective

AM/FM radio advertising is still the most cost-effective advertising medium today, despite all the changes in the last decade in how consumers access music. It's an inexpensive way to reach your existing and potential customers.For optimum results, when scheduling radio ads, you want to control - reach, frequency, and consistency.Frequency in Radio AdvertisingFrequency is the number of times your ad is heard by listener over the course of a week. How often are you sharing your message with the target […]

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Radio Advertising

Tips To Successful Radio Advertising

Here are some tips to successful radio advertising. To build a critical foundation for successful radio advertising you will need to have a clear and precise understanding of who you are targeting and what you are trying to achieve. Know your target audience. Who are you targeting? It is extremely important to have a clear understanding of your target audience when advertising on radio – in order to marry this with a radio station’s audience, for optimal results. You should […]

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Radio Advertising

What Type Of Radio Commercial Would Work Best?

In radio advertising, there are different types of commercials that you as an advertiser might employ, similar to how other businesses might pursue different print advertising options (newspaper vs. magazine, for example) or electronic advertising options (email vs. social media). You have to decide which of these radio commercial types will work best for your business.  Once you’ve made that decision you can move forward with you radio advertising campaign and really ramp up the amount of business you are […]

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