These testimonials showcase the positive impact that Chilli FM has on both listeners and advertising clients. We’re proud to be the heartbeat of Marbella and the Costa del Sol, connecting the community and bringing brands to life.

What Our Listeners Say:

"Hi, just as a matter of interest, I was driving from Alhaurín el Grande to Tolox which is 15 Kms north east from Coin and I had perfect reception all the way and that was in a 25 year old car with the original radio, I didn’t actually drive into the village but I drove 2 kms up a track which just before it, so I guess this could be another feather in your cap."
Chilli FM Listener
"Listening to your amazing radio station sounds amazing man you guys are doing it right God bless to you maybe give me a shout out otherwise have a good one yeah. What do I know you guys are doing the right thing keep up the good work music is music and you guys obviously know what you're doing and it sounds absolutely wonderful."
Chilli FM Listener
"Congratulations, an English language radio station! I can listen to on a conventional fm radio inland. I live in between Coin and Alhaurin el Grande, I can get most of the other coast stations in the car, but I can hear Chilli at home. I tried to achieve this with a station we owned a few years back, but we just couldn't get it stable and had some interference from a couple of coastal stations. So good on you please keep it up, I know how hard it can be."
Lee Jay
Chilli FM Listener
"Just a few words to say that your station picks me up everyday and gives me inspiration to confront my day... Absolutely beautiful playlists. Day and night. Thank you. Ps. I will pop by one day and purchase some merchandising. A huge hug. You certainly are doing something to me today... I am buzzing to your playlist."
Chilli FM Listener
"We appreciate this. Installed and runs fine! We travel a lot to Costa del Sol and heard the station over there. Thought to take the feeling home. You have the best station with the far best music! Greetings!"
Szilard (Hungary)
Chilli FM Listener
"I just want you to know how much I am enjoying your station. It has the ambiance of the clubs I used to go to in Torremolinos in the late 1960s and Pepe Morinos in Marbella. It is bringing back all kinds of great memories."
Eric (USA)
Chilli FM Listener
"You have a fantastic taste for a mixture of music just incredible and this is what makes your station so special and outstanding against all others on the coast, but throughout Spain. Other stations have so called DJ's who seem to all play the same tunes for a period of time, then all changed for another period so boring. It's like they buy it off the Internet for a week at a time. And each DJ plays the same tunes but just in a different order. Keep up the great work and congratulations to you all at Chilli."
Chilli FM Listener
"Thank you Chilli FM! You became my favorite channel, excellent music choice and quality. I can receive you loud and clear in 29500 Alora, very pleased, keep it going please, too many rubbish channels in the air!!"
Chilli FM Listener
"Hello. I heard a song on Chilli recently but I do not know the name of it and cannot find it anywhere on google etc. I think it is Lucas Graham (but not sure) singing with a rapper. Do you know the song? Thank you very much."
Chilli FM Listener

What Our Advertisers Say:

"Apart from being a fantastic radio station to listen to both at home and in the car, I have now been advertising with Chilli for a couple of months now and the professionally produced ads have produced some good business for us. Great to Listen too and the Ads work what more can I say apart from Chillitastic 🙂."
"We are super happy with our ad campaign on Chilli FM. Calls received just 4 days after our ad went on air. Lots of comments from friends and customers saying they have heard us on the radio and the ad sounds great! Definitely planning our second ad soon. Thanks again Chilli."
"Amazing surprise, how many unexpected people have heard my advertisement on Chilli FM Radio. They are from close by and far away, good old customers as well as plenty of totally new people. Congratulations for your modern, up to date radio station. Happy listening, all the best."
"So, we advertised with Chilli FM at the beginning of the year and have to say that we were impressed with the response that we had to our advertisements. As Chilli FM covers the whole of the Costa Del Sol, we think this made a difference compared to other radio stations. We found the whole team very professional and approachable from the beginning to the end of the process and the production was great. Kane is very helpful and informative in the production of the advertisements, making the whole experience easy and uncomplicated. We are more than happy with the advertisements we have had with Chilli FM and would certainly have no reservations in recommending them to anyone. Keep up the good work guys and thank you!​"
"We have been delighted with our advertising campaign on Chilli FM, from initial consultation through to production and launch it has been a superb experience. Our adverts have now been live for 1 month and we are experiencing great results and the feedback from our professional network has been amazing. This is certainly a service that we will be building into our future marketing campaigns.​"
"Since Cleanse Within has been advertising on Chilli FM Radio, we have had lots of enquiries and numerous have become repeat clients. I'm so glad we chose Chilli for our radio publicity. Thanks guys, great job 😇."

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