Looking to make an impact?

Looking to make an impact?

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Chilli FM is the Costa del Sol’s largest English-speaking radio station and multi-platform music network.

We offer a top quality radio broadcasting service with unique carefully selected hit lists combining well-known songs that everyone recognises and loves (70s, 80s and 90s) and songs by famous contemporary music artists (00s-20s). Chilli FM is about the feelgood music, the community and what’s on, what’s happening, and where to go.

We also stream via our phone Apps (Playstore & Appstore), TV Apps (Roku and Amazon Fire), smart speakers (Sonos, Alexa, and Google Assistant), and online.

We primarily target our advertising to the upper echelon A1 audience in Marbella, Puerto Banús, Golden Mile and the immediate surrounding area.

Why should businesses along the
Marbella Golden Mile advertise on
radio with Chilli FM?

Because we ‘target’ hundreds of thousands of tourists and locals alike, in YOUR area, on YOUR doorstep.

Chilli FM clients consist of elite Marbella-based group of exclusive brands, exquisite venues, luxury leisure products, top restaurants, top bars and top beach bars, for millions of tourists and locals. When listeners want to find the finest places to eat, the most exciting venues to visit, the most exclusive shops or services with the latest trends, then they’ll hear them on Chilli FM.

We broadcast over 150 km along Spain’s south coast on multiple connected FM transmitters with just one radio pre-set, a huge BONUS for all our listeners, and all our clients. Your customers don’t need to switch stations when travelling out and about. This will not only get you noticed to 100’s of 1000’s of people locally, but potentially to millions more in their cars.

So, whether you are simply ‘flying the flag’ to hundreds of thousands of Chilli listeners or want to gain NEW customers, we guarantee that your commercial will not only be both entertaining and significant, but with regular script updates your message will always remain FRESH and RELEVANT

Advertise on radio with us and
achieve desired results!


We guarantee our concept is original and powerful.


Entertaining and fresh commercials provoke immediate response.

Top Quality

High quality Ad production by music industry professionals in UK.

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