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Unlock the full potential of your brand by partnering with Chilli FM, Marbella’s premier radio station. Our diverse and engaged audience, coupled with our extensive coverage across Marbella, the Costa del Sol, and the Guadalhorce Valley, provides a powerful platform to showcase your products and services.

Our mission is to never stand still and through dedication, consistency and quality playlists, we aim to deliver the best service and quality content to both our advertisers and listeners.

Our station programming is formatted to reach specific segments of listeners based on demographics. Our radio format is mainstream adult contemporary and listeners mainly are women and men of age 25 – 65 all nationalities.

Chilli FM listeners are modern and musically aware, people who wake up in a good mood, and who enjoy life. They love to go out, eat good food and meet likeminded people and want the best things in life.

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Here is why advertise on radio with Chilli FM

Wide Audience Reach

Chilli FM caters to a diverse audience aged 25 to 65, appealing to both men and women. Your message will connect with a wide range of listeners. The station strives to engage residents and tourists of all nationalities alike.

Local and International Exposure

Benefit from an array of ultra-powerful FM transmitters, ensuring uninterrupted coverage regionally. Additionally, our international online streaming option allows you to reach a global audience on all digital platforms including smart TV, smart speakers and apps.

Adult Contemporary Format

Align your brand with our carefully curated adult contemporary format, featuring a mix of pop and dance hits. Chilli FM creates a positive and enjoyable atmosphere, enhancing the impact of your advertisements.

Access to a Stellar Talent Pool

Chilli FM uses a huge international talent pool of pro voices, many of whom have voiced movie soundtracks and hit TV shows. Your brand deserves the best, and we have the talent to deliver it.

Never Repeat, Always Unique

We guarantee never to use the same voice twice for any client production. Your brand is distinctive, and so should be your advertising. Each campaign receives a unique voice, ensuring your message stands out every time.

Immersive Audio Experience

Chilli FM prioritises audio excellence. Your advertisement will benefit from our state-of-the-art production facilities, ensuring a crisp, clear, and immersive experience for our listeners.

Happy Advertisers

Longstanding Relationships

Client Testimonials

"Apart from being a fantastic radio station to listen to both at home and in the car, I have now been advertising with Chilli for a couple of months now and the professionally produced ads have produced some good business for us. Great to Listen too and the Ads work what more can I say apart from Chillitastic :)"
"We are super happy with our ad campaign on Chilli FM. Calls received just 4 days after our ad went on air. Lots of comments from friends and customers saying they have heard us on the radio and the ad sounds great! Definitely planning our second ad soon. Thanks again Chilli."
"Amazing surprise, how many unexpected people have heard my advertisement on Chilli FM Radio. They are from close by and far away, good old customers as well as plenty of totally new people. Congratulations for your modern, up to date radio station. Happy listening, all the best."



We guarantee our concept is original and powerful


Entertaining and fresh commercials provoke immediate response

Top Quality

High quality production by music industry professionals in UK

Be Heard. Be Remembered. Be Exclusive

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