Emergency Numbers You Should Know


At Chilli FM, we prioritise your safety and well-being. In the event of an emergency, please take note of the following important emergency numbers to ensure prompt assistance. Your safety is our top priority, and these numbers are here to provide immediate support when needed.

Emergency Numbers

  • Ambulance: 061
  • Fire brigade: 080
  • National police: 091
  • Local police: 092
  • Civil Guard: 062
  • General Emergencies: 112

The Spanish police also runs a special foreign tourist service, which allows foreigners to report crimes such as burglary, theft. Call +34 902 102 112 between 9:00 and 21:00.

Additional Safety Tips:

  • Remain calm and provide clear information to the emergency services operator.
  • Clearly state your location, nature of the emergency, and any relevant details.
  • If possible, stay on the line until you receive instructions or assistance.

Remember, your safety is paramount. Keep these emergency numbers accessible and share them with your family and friends. At Chilli FM, we care about your well-being. Stay safe!


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