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The Radio Show That Celebrates You! 🎉

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Saturday 10:00 12:00

Start your weekend with the sound of community spirit with ‘Chilli Shoutouts’, the interactive variety show that’s all about you and your shoutouts! Every Saturday morning, we turn the spotlight on our listeners, playing the voice notes you’ve sent us throughout the week.

Whether it’s a birthday bash tune, a heartfelt congratulations on a new job, or a shoutout to your favorite local restaurant, we’ve got you covered. And the best part? You get to be the DJ! Request a song, send love to friends and family, or give a shoutout to a business that’s made your day – all through a simple WhatsApp voice note to (+34) 717 12 12 12.

So grab your phone, record your message, and join the ‘Chilli Shoutouts’ family. Let’s make Saturdays special, one voice note at a time!

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