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Get Your Chilli FM Limited-edition Mug

GET YOUR CHILLI FM Limited-Edition Mug We are giving away 20 limited-edition Chilli FM mugs to everyone who sends us picture of their car with the VIP Listener sticker displayed. Request VIP Listener Car Decal Please fill out the form to request your VIP Listener Car Decal. Chilli FM does not share your personal information and only will use it to dispatch car decal and limited-edition mug.Don’t forget to send […]

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Adding Chilli FM To Android TV

Install official Chilli FM app on your Android TV Use the D-pad on your remote to select “Apps” at the left of the Home screen. A menu will appear on the right with the list of apps on your device. Select “Get More Apps” or “Google Play Store.” On the main page of the Play Store, you’ll see a few rows of suggested apps. Once again, use the D-pad on […]

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Adding Chilli FM to Amazon Fire TV

How to add official Chilli FM app to Fire TV Chilli FM’s new dedicated Amazon TV app is now available on the Amazon App Store! Any app installation begins on the Amazon Fire TV Main Menu screen, which you can access by selecting the menu button on your Fire TV remote, and progressing through the detailed steps provided below. 1. Connect your Fire TV Stick or Fire TV Box to […]

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Adding Chilli FM to Roku TV

Install official Chilli FM app on Roku TV Chilli FM's new dedicated Roku app is now available on the Roku App Store! From your Roku player's main menu, select Streaming Channels, select search channels and type Chilli FM in the search box. Press + Add Channel Once Chilli FM has been added, start the channel by selecting Go to Channel or simply return to the Roku main menu and select […]

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Adding Chilli FM To Your Smartphone Or Tablet

To enjoy Chilli FM on your smartphone or tablet you simply have to download the Chilli FM app. Just look for 'Chilli FM' in your preferred app store, or tap the buttons below. If you already using radio apps like Streema, MyTuner, Get Me Radio and wish listen there, look for 'Chilli FM' station. If you need further assistance, please contact our support team at

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How To Listen Chilli FM On Alexa Smart Speaker

Do you want to listen Chilli FM on your Alexa device? Here’s what you need to do. Enable the Chilli FM Marbella skill on your Alexa phone app or by tapping this link and just say "Alexa, play Chilli FM". Want to play Chilli FM without lifting a finger? While near your Amazon Echo, say:"Alexa, enable Chilli FM Marbella" and then simply say: "Alexa, play Chilli FM". If you need […]

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How To Listen Chilli FM On Sonos Smart Speaker

Do you want to listen Chilli FM on Sonos? Here’s what you need to do. Add "myTuner Radio" service on your Sonos account. iOS or Android: Open the Sonos app. From the Settings tab, tap Services & Voice. Under Music & Content, tap Add a Service. Tap the myTuner Radio. Tap Add to Sonos. Follow the on-screen instructions to add the music service account. Mac or PC: Open the Sonos […]

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Radio Advertising

Radio Advertising Is Cost-effective

AM/FM radio advertising is still the most cost-effective advertising medium today, despite all the changes in the last decade in how consumers access music. It's an inexpensive way to reach your existing and potential customers. For optimum results, when scheduling radio ads, you want to control - reach, frequency, and consistency. Frequency in radio advertising. Frequency is the number of times your ad is heard by listener over the course […]

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